Startup companies face various challenges as they attempt to establish themselves in the competitive business environment. Due to limited resources and time, they frequently find themselves overworked and juggling multiple activities at once. To maximize their chances of success in such conditions, it becomes essential for startups to streamline their business processes and concentrate on their core skills.

Clutch surveyed 517 small business leaders with experience working with external service providers to uncover the nature of outsourced collaborations. Companies are continuing and building upon their relationships with outsourced service providers as part of their growth strategy. 83% said they would maintain or increase their spending on outsourced business services in 2023.

In this article, we will look at seven compelling reasons startup companies should use business process outsourcing (BPO) and how it can support them in overcoming common difficulties and quickening their path to success.

1- Financial Savings

One of the most crucial things that must be considered as a startup, aside from having a great idea, is considering the budget. Starting up a business requires investment in licenses, permits, and other documents needed during the process. Additional costs to consider are technologies, advertising and promotion, employee salaries, office space rent, and utilities such as water, internet, and electricity. And after the business is up and running, the expenses continue.

According to CB Insights, among the top reasons startups fail is due to insufficient funds to keep the business running. Another survey found that up to 70% of the total business expenses account for labor costs. Hiring additional employees isn’t always a wise move for businesses, mainly if it’s not producing results quickly enough to turn a profit and keep the business running.

BPO companies, however, distribute their costs among various clients, allowing them to offer cost-effective services to small businesses. By converting full-time equivalent (FTE) labor costs into variable expenses through BPO, small businesses can gain more financial control and free up funds for other areas of their operations. Additionally, startup companies no longer need to invest in costly software or hardware because BPO providers have the necessary technology and tools to carry out tasks efficiently.

2- Greater dedication to key functions

Companies outsource some of their processes because it allows them to save valuable time and focus on their core business functions. Providing they are not essential to the startup’s line of business, routine tasks, such as answering inbound calls and responding to emails, and highly specialized roles like accounting and legal services may be outsourced.

Increased focus on the core activities of the business results in more profitable outcomes, which are essential in the early stages of a business.  Working with an outsourcing company improves the competitive advantage of startups.

3- Improved Customer Service

Startup companies typically allocate more resources to marketing and sales. And while these are necessary for growth, customer service should not come last in the priorities. Running a successful business is not just about selling products and services. The company’s growth depends heavily on its customers, and a strong relationship must be built.

Startup businesses frequently struggle to provide excellent customer service with limited staff and resources. With limited manpower, offering the same satisfactory customer experience as larger companies may be challenging. In this case, BPO service providers may be helpful.

Providing high-quality customer service can help a small company stand out by setting it apart from its bigger competitors and fostering a solid customer base. Using advanced technologies and processes, BPO providers can help small companies handle customer concerns quickly and efficiently. They have expertise in customer service across various industries and can provide small businesses with professionals trained in handling different customer inquiries or issues, improving customer satisfaction.

4- BPO Expertise

Many companies make the mistake of outsourcing some of their business functions when they are at capacity, using it only to manage the workload. One of the key advantages of outsourcing a business process is not the quick access to extra hands but its level of expertise. For startups, it’s unlikely to know everything about running a business. By leveraging outsourced services, startups can delegate an important business process like human resources to specialized service providers. They are well-versed in specific functions, technologies, and industry best practices. By outsourcing tasks to third-party service providers, businesses can take advantage of their expertise and reduce the risk of failing.

5- Cheaper Access to Technologies

For startups, keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies can be challenging. Acquiring, setting up, and maintaining a licensed version of the latest technology can be costly, like a contact center stack that connects with the CRM or ERP. It can also be financially risky significantly if the business cannot accurately forecast service demand. Organizations can access cutting-edge infrastructure and technologies without making substantial upfront investments by working with an outsourced company. They can use this access to stay competitive in their respective markets. For small businesses aiming to achieve sustainable growth and keep their competitive edge, adopting BPO for technological cost savings is becoming a smart decision.

6- High Flexibility and Scalability

Growth is essential, even though the initial stages of company scaling are unpredictable. A start-up company may not want to make the significant financial investment of hiring permanent personnel early on.

Startup scaling may encounter rough waters due to the ebb and flow of market tides. For instance, you might need to hire new employees if the business thrives. However, after things return to normal, unsustainable payroll costs will exceed the revenue percentage allotted for employees.

Interviewing, onboarding, and training new hires take a lot of time. With outsourcing, companies can pay as they go and increase their output without increasing fixed costs.

7- Reduced employee burnout

According to Linkedin, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) have a turnover rate of 12.0%  – significantly higher than the overall average rate of 10.6%. And one of the most common reasons for employees leaving the company is burnout.

Employee burnout is a problem that startup businesses are particularly prone to due to limited resources and frequently heavy workloads. Employees in small organizations could be overburdened with duties because they usually work with lean teams. By outsourcing non-core processes to a third-party provider, startups can free up some of their employees’ workloads, allowing them to focus on essential tasks and initiatives while reducing the risk of burnout from excessive multitasking and time constraints.

Business process outsourcing services help small companies foster a healthier and happier workforce by reducing workloads, optimizing workflows, and promoting work-life balance. This leads to increased productivity, improved employee retention, and a positive workplace culture.

There are several compelling reasons startups should consider using a BPO firm’s service. Startups can gain a competitive advantage, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and concentrate on their key business functions by outsourcing non-core tasks to specialized service providers. BPO companies offer expertise and flexibility, which are essential for startups in their early stages.

It’s undeniable that when done correctly, startup outsourcing can benefit all parties involved. By combining the strengths of the in-house team with the help of BPO partners, startups may efficiently improve their operations and promote business growth.


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