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About Kraig Kleeman

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Kraig, a writer with not one but two published books! In fact, one of those bad boys climbed its way onto 11 Amazon best-seller lists, leaving me grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I've also dipped my toes into the BPO world, partnering with two firms in the Philippines for a wild and crazy 10-year ride. But then, lockdowns swooped in like a sneaky ninja, and we had to close our beloved BPO dojo. Fear not! Our team of superhero-like talent remained united, like a band of office Avengers. We sent out care packages with home office gadgets so everyone could morph into their work-from-home alter-egos. And now, The New Workforce has been assembled! We've got content writers who weave words like Spider-Man spins webs, video editors who cut through footage like Wolverine's claws, graphic designers with an eye for detail as sharp as Hawkeye's, staff accountants who crunch numbers like the Hulk crunches... well, everything, and marketing assistants who strategize like the mighty Thor swings his hammer. Oh, and let's remember the many other champions who bring their unique powers to the table!


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