Listed below are the top business process outsourcing companies worldwide (in no particular order)

Accenture is one of the world’s leading outsourcing marketplace, business headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Its significant position at the forefront of the industry contributes to its placement on our list of top business process outsourcing (BPO) companies worldwide.

The company offers an array of business process outsourcing solutions, covering everything from infrastructure to business strategy. Its online, cloud, and safety products have been recognized by numerous media outlets and organizations all through the world.

Accenture provides a wide range of services across various industries, including consulting, technology, and outsourcing. Here are some key points about Accenture:

  • Planning and consulting: Helping clients establish business objectives, improve operations, and accomplish organizational modifications. Services such as consulting aid businesses in tackling difficult business issues, improving productivity, and creating strategies for expansion.
  • Interactive work: Creating digital experiences, developing user interfaces, and developing advertising strategies for improving customer involvement are just a few examples of interactive work.
  • Technological advancement: Accenture emphasizes the significance of innovation and technological advancement in driving business revolution. They especially interested in the fields of artificial intelligence, the use of cloud computing, data analysis, and emerging technologies.
  • Operations: BPO, logistics management, finance & financial reporting, and particular to an industry operational support services have all been offered.
  • Industry Expertise: Accenture works with clients in an array of industries, including financial services, medical services, communication, along technology and media, goods for consumers, power, services, assets, the government, insurance coverage, and biological sciences.
  • and transportation.
  • Digital Transformation: Accenture has been at the the leading competitors of digital transformation programs, helping businesses in using emerging technologies such as AI based digital solutions, cloud computing, blockchain technology, data analytics, and automation in order to encourage innovation and growth.
  • Innovation Centers: Accenture has been serving clients with several innovation centers worldwide, where clients can collaborate, experiment, and co-create solutions that address their unique challenges. These centers serve as hubs for research, software development, and showcasing of new technologies and business concepts.
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Accenture emphasizes sustainability and corporate social responsibility in its operations. The company has set ambitious environmental goals and actively supports initiatives related to diversity and inclusion, education, and skills development.
  • Clients: Accenture works with a vast array of clients, including large multinational corporations, government organizations, and non-profit entities. Its client base spans across industries and geographies.
  • Talent and Workforce: Accenture has a significant global workforce, including professionals with expertise in various domains, such as technology, strategy, consulting, and industry-specific knowledge. The company focuses on attracting and retaining top talent and investing in their professional development.
  • Thought Leadership: Accenture publishes research reports, white papers, and insights on emerging trends, business strategies, and technological advancements. These publications provide valuable industry knowledge and perspectives.

To compete and thrive in a world where digital is everywhere, businesses like Accenture have to shift their focus onto developing their technology leaning more towards AI and balancing “value” with “values” businesses achieve aligning their drive to produce commercial value with the values and expectations of their customers and staff members.

Cognizant is an established bpo company with a full-year revenue of $4.2 billion and $16.7 billion in the year 2020 and around greater than 280,000. The vast majority of those reside in India, where it employs around 195,000 people making it as one of the world’s leading outsourcing marketplace that outsource services India. The headquarters of the business are in Teaneck, New Jersey, just a few miles from New York City. It additionally owns 32 more facilities around the country with clients worldwide, employing over 50,000 people, as well as offices across Europe.

This multinational bpo company uses Intelligent decisioning utilizes AI and analytics services advanced techniques and instruments to enhance the process of decision-making throughout operational and customer-facing processes, enabling business executives to arrive at decisions faster, even in the face of immense uncertainty.

This company helps companies implement operational paradigms that boost productivity and customer satisfaction. The top firms in pharma, finance, telecom, and healthcare are among its clients.

Cognizant established phone and data process outsourcing bpo companies in the following business sectors:

  • Application center services
  • Business process services
  • Business consulting
  • IT infrastructure services
  • Quality assurance

Cognizant has served as one of the leading provider in the information technology outsourcing and consulting sector for over 25 years, yet it is not widely recognized among consumers. Their clients use Cognizant for everything from contact center services to technological planning.

Number of employees: 290,000+

Major clients: JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and AXA.

3. IBM

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a multinational BPO company in providing of various cutting edge technology products and services. IBM began operations on the sixteenth of June 1911, in Armonk, New York, and has its corporate headquarters locally. With operations in over 170 countries, IBM is deemed one of the world’s major IT firms. It has grown from simply manufacturing tabulating gadgets to establishing itself as an internationally recognized technological advances leader.

IBM is a bpo corporation that provides companies and developers with hardware, software, and services. The business provides data extraction, Artificial intelligence -based digital support service, and business management infrastructure as part of its BPO services.

It also offers consultancy, technology, and business specialized services such as cloud computing, data analytics, and AI. The first programmable computer is one of the multitudinous innovations made possible by IBM’s research and development efforts.

Key BPO Services:

  • Purchasing products and finding suppliers
  • Handling of third-party risk
  • Identifying and developing talent
  • Property management
  • Optimization of predictive assets
  • Financial and consulting services the US based company has over 38 locations worldwide.

350,000+ employees are employed.

Major clients includes Citibank, HP, Amazon, and PayPal.

The New Workforce provides a variety of services such as content production and writing, graphic design, video editing, sales and marketing support, customer care, finance and accounting, and IT management.

Embedding offshore talent frequently involves utilizing the talents and knowledge of experts situated in other countries or regions to assist and complement the client organization’s personnel. This technique enables businesses to get access to specialized expertise, cut expenses, and boost operational flexibility.

Major clients includes Zebra, Flosum, Tim Holmes, Recovery centers of America.

Wipro is an international innovator in technology services, consulting, and business process outsourcing. It is widely recognized for providing IT services and solutions that help clients with applications for companies and business information. The business has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India.

Wipro bpo industry have over 250,000 dedicated staff members taking care of clients in 66 countries and have earned recognition around the world for our extensive offering of services, strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and good corporate citizenship.

It operates across two segments: information technology services and information technology products. IT consulting, custom application design, development, re-engineering, maintenance, systems integration, package implementation, global infrastructure services, BPO services, cloud, mobility, analytics services, research and development, and hardware and software design are all part of the Information Technology Services segment.

serves major clients worldwide such as: Walmart, Philips, Best Buy and HP.

JPMorgan Chase & Co., which is based in New York City, is a bpo service provider around the world JPMorgan Chase & Co. specializes in financial services and outsourcing business processes. It was founded in 2000, even though its history extends back up to 200 years. This US multinational company serves 100 plus global markets and is one of the top bpo companies.

With its well proven track record, business students ranked it as one of the top five most appealing businesses in the world.

Small businesses, and commercial, banking, and financial transaction processing constitute some of the services that are offered by the business process outsourcing companies.

Business consulting, IT, and outsourcing services are offered by the global Indian corporation Infosys Limited. Its services include sourcing, procurement, automation, and blockchain.

Infosys Limited is a bpo company worldwide Indian firm which offers consulting for businesses, information technology, and outsourcing services. The services it provides specialized services that includes blockchain, automation, sourcing, and procurement.

Infosys, established in 1981, is a NYSE-listed around the globe consulting and information technology (IT) services firm with over 343k workers. Infosys bpo company began with a US$250 investment and have grown to a US$18.21 billion (LTM FY23 sales) firm with a market valuation of about US$72.35 billion.

It has a proven track record and and has a global presence with 20 years of experience and serves its major clients in 35 locations all through across the globe.

TaskUs is a digital business process outsourcing company with a strong focus on content. TaskUs was established in 2008 by two business partners and high classmates in order to help business operate with greater efficiency. The firm grew rapidly, and it is currently hiring more than 8,000 individuals worldwide to handle the outsourcing service for customer experience and back-office needs of the world’s most cutting-edge business organizations

This multinational business process outsourcing (BPO) firm was established in 2008 by Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir. Customer assistance, assistance with technical issues, moderation and security services of content, input of information, and back-office support and industry specific solutions are all available.

Concentrix, a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation, provides customer engagement and revenue development products and services as a component of the company’s client engagement and business performance solutions. The company’s most widely recognized product is its customer experience solutions.

Concentrix is based in Newark, California, and is a US multinayional company that provides services to more than 40 countries. This business process outsourcing services firm specializes in customer service Strategy, Experience Design, Digital Engineering, Digital marketing, Experience Platforms, automation & operations, enterprise modernization, Data & Analytics, Customer service management, customer acquisition, and Content Trust & Safety

Telepormance is a business processing outsourcing bpo multichannel company that includes over 88 different nations and regions. The Paris-based business offers services ranging from acquiring customers by means of customer support. Its client services caters to Samsung and Grubhub which are just two of its biggest client.

Teleperformance bpo company has been honored by organizations which include Fortune and Great Place to Work.

Teleperformance bpo services around the world scale and has a global that presence enables this bpo company to be a force of good in helping communities, clients, and the environment, with approximately 410,000 driven and enthusiastic individuals talking more than 300 languages.

they provide the most modern, digitally-powered business solutions to assist some of the biggest companies worldwide in streamlining their business processes in both immediate and a long-term ways.

11. Telus

Telus is engaged in both domestic and international infrastructure for telecommunications. Its business process services provide to an extensive number of sectors, includes healthcare, travel, ecommerce, finance, and others. Its solutions include everything from customer service such as call center services to back office services and automation.

Telus business operations began its knowledge process outsourcing operations in 1990 and has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a public business that trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Telus enter services provides an extensive selection of telecommunications products and services, including wireless voice and data, internet, television, and home phone. It operates one of Canada’s largest and most advanced wireless networks, covering a large portion of the population.

Conduent is an IT service management firm situated in Florham Park, New Jersey. It was established in 2017 to offer online platforms for businesses with solutions with the goal of improving productivity and income.

Business consulting, IT, and outsourcing services are offered by the global Indian corporation Infosys Limited. Its services include sourcing, procurement, automation, and blockchain.

Conduent’s solutions based on technology are directed at helping businesses in adjusting to the digital age and improving their business processes. It combines expertise in the industry, digital platforms, and an international presence to provide innovative services across several industries.

EXL Service is a global provider of analytics and digital solutions. The New York-based BPO firm provides services to a variety of sectors, including banking and media. Its top-of-the analysis and data collection services have been acknowledged by awarding organizations.

EXL has built itself as an industry innovator with a global presence in the field of business process management and analytics business sectors, integrating expertise in the field, data-driven insights, and digital capabilities in order to assist customers in their contact center outsourcing services that aids in achieving operational excellence and transform their businesses.

14. TCS

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology (IT) services, consulting, and business solutions. It is an affiliate of the Tata Group, India’s largest and most prestigious business-related group.

TCS was established in 1968 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the world’s leading IT center services ecommerce support businesses, having a presence in over 50 countries and delivery centers businesses worldwide.

TCS bpo industry provides an extensive selection of solutions and services related to IT to clients in a variety of sectors. Its products and services include application development, system integration, infrastructure services, consulting, business process outsourcing (BPO), digital solutions, and other related fields. TCS serves clients in industries like as banking and finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications, among others.

With operations in over 54 countries, HCLTech is a top international technology firm that provides a range of technology services and solutions to support corporate growth. This comprises, among other things, digital and content, finance and accounting, and software as a service.

HCLTech, an internationally recognized around the world technology firm with operations across over 54 countries, provides a wide range of technology solutions and services in order to help businesses in expanding their operations. This consists of, among many other things, finance and accounting, digital technical support and content, and software as a service.

16. CGI

CGI Group Inc., commonly CGI, is an international Canadian information technology (IT) consultation and systems integration business. CGI, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, offers an extensive selection of information technology services, including consulting, systems integration, application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, and business process outsourcing.

CGI, founded in 1976, has grown into one of the world’s leading business process management and information technology consulting businesses. Using information and results to help get the best possible value out of clients investments.

CGI bpo services can help with fulfilling the demands of your consumers and citizens’ constantly shifting digital expectations by providing secure and flexible end-to-end services such as:

Business consulting

Managed IT outsourcing

Business process services

Advanced analytics

Artificial intelligence

Cloud & hybrid IT

17. Sitel

Sitel is a global customer experience (CX) management company that provides customer service and support outsourcing solutions. Sitel was founded in 1985 and has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. The company works in over 25 countries and has a global network of contact centers.

The bpo company offers a wide range of services ranging from back office support to customer authentication. The company collaborates with a variety of businesses, including government, telecommunications, and retail.

The business process outsourcing company delivers specific client experiences via phone, email, chat, social media, and self-service alternatives. Sitel uses analytics, technology, and customer insights to boost customer interactions, satisfaction, and operational efficiency for the customers it serves.

18. ADP

ADP is an American international company that provides human capital management (HCM) solutions and business process outsourcing services. ADP was established in 1949 and has its headquarters in Roseland, New Jersey.

ADP offers a wide range of services to assist companies with handling their workforce and HR-related procedures. Payroll processing, tax services and compliance assistance, HR management, employee time and attendance management, recruitment, benefits administration, and retirement services are among the services they offer. It uses cloud-based human capital administration technology.

19. NTT Data

NTT Data is a Japanese international information technology (IT) services and consulting company based in Tokyo. It is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. NTT Data was established in 1988 and has since grown to become one of the world’s biggest suppliers of IT services.

NTT Data offers consulting services, integration of systems, software development and management, services for infrastructure, cloud computing, information security, and business process outsourcing, also known as BPO, across many different industries. They provide solutions for a wide range of sectors, like financial services, medical care, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and government organizations.

20. Capgemini

Capgemini is a Paris-based consulting and business process outsourcing firm that focuses in data and cloud services.Its business process leverages actions enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) to assist businesses in expanding. Their services cover compliance and supply chain, customer, financial, and human resource solutions.

Capgemini is a multinational consulting, technology, and digital transformation firm. Capgemini, which was established in 1967 and is located in Paris, France, operates across over 50 countries and employs a varied staff of consultants, technologists, and digital professionals.

21. Genpact

Genpact is a worldwide professional services business that provides business process outsourcing (BPO), technology services, and solutions for digital transformation. It started as a business unit according to General Electric (GE) in 1997 and ultimately became an independent company in 2005. The name of the company “Genpact” is derived from the phrase “generating business impact.”

Forbes named Genpact one of the World’s Best Management Consulting Firms in 2022.

22. Triniter

Triniter has the greatest retention of clients and repeat rates of any company in the industry, making it one of the finest BPO outsourcing companies in the United States. They offer services that include customer service, back office assistance, automation, and artificial intelligence. They hold a unique position in the BPO industry since they have the highest customer approval rate.

23. Intetics

Intetics is a widely recognized BPO firm founded in Florida. It delivers internally developed applications and mobile solutions to businesses throughout an assortment of businesses, including IT, healthcare, and education. With an employee base of around 700 workers.

Customers consist of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., Spreadshirt, and S&C Electric Company.

Its significant BPO services involve the development of software, business analytics and intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), and customer care.

24. Invensis

Invensis is an internationally recognized business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that offers a wide range of services to clients in a range of fields. Invensis has many distribution centers in India and worldwide and has its head office in Bangalore, India.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are able to profit from Invensis’ efficient software, contact center, and back-office services. The business has various delivery sites all around the world and has been in business since 2000 with over 5000 employees.

Sprint, KonnecTV, CBS Interactive, and Wyndham are among the company’s major clients.

services offered by bpo companies like Invensis includes:

  • Data entry services
  • Back-office support
  • customer care services
  • Finance and accounting services
  • IT support
  • Human resource management

25. SunTec India

SunTec India, an international provider of IT outsourcing services, provides digital solutions for marketing, e-commerce, and enterprise data management. The organization, with its headquarters in New Delhi, India, has a developing global presence in more than 30 nations.

Serving clients like PepsiCo, Panasonic, Honda, and Bose.


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