In recent years, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has grown exponentially, and the Philippines has emerged as a global outsourcing services hub. The country has attracted many international corporations looking to outsource non-core business tasks due to its talented workforce, competitive rates, and strong English fluency.

This article will look at the top 15 BPO companies in the Philippines that have shaped the industry and contributed to the country’s economic growth.

1. Accenture, Inc.

Accenture is an Irish-American professional services company based in Dublin, providing services and solutions, such as business strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Accenture began as the business and technology consulting division of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen in the early 1950s. On January 2021, Andersen Consulting adopted its current name, “Accenture,” derived from “Accent on the future.”

They are currently serving clients across more than 120 countries. With offices in Metro Manila and Cebu, Accenture started in the Philippines with only 75 people when it opened in 1985.

Accenture has received over 30 awards from the industry, government, and private sector for over 30 years of business in the Philippines for being a top employer, a leading IT-BPM company, a champion of corporate social responsibility, and environmental stewards.

With innovation being a key element of its business, the digital giant supports new learning and development through internal innovation campaigns and projects, which include a combination of conferences and competitions for its employees. Accenture invests in innovative technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics, to increase process efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive client business outcomes.

Its global network allows it to offer best practices and industry insights from various areas to the Philippines, adding value to its services. Accenture’s experience, broad service offerings, skilled workforce, technological expertise, and global reach have contributed to its position as one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines.

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2. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational financial services firm headquartered in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. It was founded by J.P. Morgan in 1871 and is now considered the largest bank in the United States and the largest bank in the world in terms of market capitalization (as of 2023).

They established operations in the Philippines with a representative bank in 1961. JPMorgan has a fully integrated franchise that provides corporate and investment banking, commercial banking, equity, sales and trading, and treasury services.

JPMorgan offers various BPO services, including customer service operations, technical support, data management, research and analytics, financial reporting, and back-office operations. This diversified variety of services responds to the different needs of its financial industry customers. Additionally, their expertise in finance, banking, and related processes allows them to deliver high-quality and industry-specific services.

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3. The New Workforce

The New Workforce is a creative outsourcing and staffing company that offers low-cost but highly-skilled offshore talent. Their teams are highly skilled in content writing and creation, graphic design, video editing, sales & marketing assistance, customer support, finance & accounting, and IT management. TNW aims to bridge the gap between businesses and skilled professionals from diverse industries by offering top-tier expertise and cost-effective solutions.

Since its establishment, TNW has built a solid reputation for providing solutions that drive efficiency and growth for its clients. Their team of experts works diligently to match the right skills with customers’ specific needs, enabling seamless integration into their projects and processes.

4. Concentrix

Concentrix is an American business services company headquartered in Fremont, California, specializing in customer engagement and business performance. In 2004, SYNNEX bought BSA Sales, a small company with less than 20 employees. The company then bought Concentrix in Rochester, New York, in 2006. The two companies were joined to form one Concentrix.

Concentrix started operations in the Philippines in 2022, providing banking and financial services, consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare, insurance, media and communications, retail and eCommerce, technology, travel, transportation, and tourism services.

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5. Teleperformance Philippines

Teleperformance Philippines (TP) is an offshore business process outsourcing and contact center in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of the Teleperformance Group, headquartered in France.

Teleperformance began operations in the Philippines in 1996 and has become a popular offshore business solution provider. The company employs around 45,000 individuals

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6. Alorica

Alorica is the largest minority-owned BPO company, headquartered in California, US. It was founded in 1999 and operates both on-site and through a work-from-home setup. Alorica began investing in the Philippines in 2004 and continues to acquire new clients and expand with existing ones.

Alorica is a global leader in customer management outsourcing solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. It provides a seamless customer experience across all service channels, from customer acquisition and sales, to customer care and support, to logistics and fulfillment. Its business process services span the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors across various industries.

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7. Sutherland Global Services Philippines

Sutherland Global Services, founded in 1986, is a global provider of business process and technology management services, offering an integrated portfolio of analytics-driven back office and customer-facing services that support the entire customer lifecycle. These services touch the cost/expense and revenue sides of their customers’ Profit and Loss (P&L) statement. Sutherland is one of the world’s largest independent BPO organizations, with over 40,000 experts working across 40 operation centers and business operations. It is headquartered in New York, USA.

Sutherland has seen a significant scale-up of its BPO operations in the Philippines since its launch in 2005. Over 70% of the company’s services are delivered out of the New wave cities. Sutherland has led this pioneering BPO program in the provinces in collaboration with the government of the Philippines.

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8. Wipro

Wipro is a multinational corporation offering information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services. It was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Wipro is a leading Big Tech company, providing cloud computing, computer security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, and other technology consulting services to customers in 167 countries. It started its operations in Cebu, Philippines, in 2006.

Wipro’s world-class technologies division offers various high-tech services to clients such as Cisco Systems, Thomas Cooke, and NEC. In 1988, the company was the first in the world to receive the Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) prestigious Level 5 Certification for quality.

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9. Sitel Philippines Corporation

Sitel started as a United Technologies subsidiary before being acquired in 1985. Headquartered in Omaha, United States, Sitel grew quickly and became the first telemarketing company to go public in 1995. It expanded internationally in the 1990s and 2000s and merged with Nashville-based ClientLogic in 2007.

Sitel Group has $1.7 billion in revenue, handling millions of customer contact interactions daily for some of the world’s most trusted companies. Sitel launched in the Philippines in 2000 and currently has over 44,000 associates working in over 15 sites across the country.

Sitel combines extensive customer care capabilities with digital, training, and technology expertise across industries. It can be leveraged across geographies, verticals, and all stages of the end-to-end customer journey, allowing clients to effectively harness the industry’s explosive digital transformation and consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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10. IBM Philippines Inc.

The presence of IBM in the Philippines can be dated back to 1925, when H.E. Heacock began marketing IBM equipment, such as butcher weighing scales and time clocks. Only 12 years later, in 1937, did IBM set foot in the country under the name Watson Business Machines Corp., a subsidiary of the IBM World Trade Corp. in the Philippines.

IBM has effectively expanded from information technology to various other industry sectors. Aerospace, automotive, banking, consumer products, financial markets, healthcare, and telecommunications are among the services it provides.

IBM offers services such as developing innovative mobile applications, business analysis so clients can establish stronger strategies, and breaking down complex data to allow their clients to know where they stand in the market. Aside from this, IBM offers global process services, cloud business solutions, and digital operations.

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11. Hinduja Global Solutions

HGS Philippines was conceived in mid-2004, following the acquisition of a pioneer in the Philippine contact center business by HGS to undertake its first international foray. After gaining significant contracts from Fortune 500 banking & financial services and consumer electronics products companies, the company transitioned from an in-house domestic call center operator to an international contact center provider.

HGS offers outsourcing solutions, including back office processing, a contact center, customized IT services, voice and non-voice-related customer contact, and business process outsourcing services. It also offers marketing and digital enablement services such as customer experience management, social media engagement, and digital marketing services.

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12. Telus International Philippines Inc.

In 2001, TELUS started as a small local company with only fifty employees. It was rebranded TELUS International Philippines in 2007 and now has over 5 locations across the country and over 12,000 employees. TELUS International Philippines is the Philippine arm of TELUS International, the parent company, which has over 25,000 employees worldwide.

TELUS offers a wide range of services to its clients worldwide. Its offerings include inbound and outbound call center solutions, telemarketing solutions, customer relationship management solutions and services, technical support, and back-office support. They serve some of the world’s leading organizations in telecommunications, the video game industry, financial services, including credit card processing, insurance brokerage, stock brokerage, and banking, retail services, e-commerce stores, healthcare providers, and the travel and leisure industry.

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13. VXI Global Holdings

VXI started as a customer contact center in 1998. Its market competence in multilingual assistance, software development, infrastructure outsourcing, call center, and BPO services grew rapidly due to its evident potential.

VXI is one of the fastest-growing privately held business services organizations in the United States and the Philippines. VXI was established in the Philippines in 2003 and now has almost 30,000 employees across Metro Manila, Pampanga, and Davao.

The company provides a wide range of services, such as sales and retention, customer care, applications and solutions, IT services, and much more. They also specialize in various industries like technical services, managed services, outsourcing, contact center, BPOs, and so on. VXI Global Holdings is known in the market for its services and the tenacity and passion with which these services are delivered.

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14. [24], Inc.

[24] is a customer service software and services company based in California, United States, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide targeted customer service. It was founded in 2000 and currently has customers in many industries, including agencies, education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail & e-commerce, telecom, travel and hospitality, and utilities.

In 2006, [24] began operations in the Philippines. It is aggressively developing its business there, employing over 3,000 workforces and increasing. It is strategically located in the country’s premier business districts: Makati, Mandaluyong, and McKinley West, Taguig City.

The company’s contact centers were originally located in India and the Philippines. For sales and support, [24] offers contact centers that outsource voice and chat agent services. The top industries with high demands are telecommunications, financial services, retail, insurance, and travel. Its first offers were contact center services with voice contact center agents.

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15. Cognizant

Cognizant is an American multinational information technology services and consulting company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. It began as an in-house technology unit in 1994 and started serving external clients in 1996.t

The company started its operations in the Philippines in December 2009 to provide business process services to global clients and has now grown to more than 700 experts delivering a wide range of services from its existing offices in Manila.

Cognizant is divided into vertical and horizontal divisions. Some vertical units focus on banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. The horizontals focus on technologies and process areas such as analytics, mobile computing, BPO, and testing.

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The 15 leading BPO companies in the Philippines have contributed significantly to the country’s position as a global leader in the outsourcing industry. These companies have proven their capacity to provide a wide range of outsourced services, including customer support and technical assistance, as well as IT consulting and back-office operations. Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has fueled the growth of the Philippine BPO sector, contributing to economic development and giving employment opportunities to a skilled workforce.